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4 Oct Lord Shiva gave knowledge of this Tantra to Lord Krishna and he gave it to Brahma. Lord Shiva imparted its knowledge to Nandi as well as. Gandharva Tantra As long as yon are contaminated with notions of me or mine, the self will not be found for it lies beyond cognition and cannot be realised as. Books > Tantra > हिन्दी > गन्धर्वतन्त्रम्: Gandharva Tantram गन्धर्वतन्त्रम्: Gandharva Tantram (With Jnanawati – Hindi Commentary).

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The fifteen Kalas or fifteen vowels are to be worshipped in the triangle, five in the right side and five in the left side and five in the base of the triangle. Constellations Nakshatra Nyasa Details regarding this are as given in the following table: It is read as ka la hrii. Then the pot is to be covered over with the hands in the Matsyamudra.

According to the literal meaning, the mantra is to be understood as implying the union of Shiva and Shakti because the constituent syllables of the same represent either Shiva or Shakti. After the exhibition of the Mudras, the Sadhaka is to present the seven items of offerings using namaH svadhaa vauShaT wherever necessary.

By doing 9 lakh jap of tripursundri as per shastra one becomes like Rudra. The best tandharva of success in worship is afforded by detachment, thirst for release, renunciation, control over everything, the practising of the eight-limbed Yoga, avoidance of enjoyment, mercy towards all beings, acquisition of omniscience etc.


Gandharva Tantra

In the third, the six limbs, i. Offering of dessert comes last except Namaskara. Certain species such as Bakula, Kesara etc.

The three rectangles otherwise called Trailokyamohana chakra are respectively presided over by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In the seventh, the gandharvs Kutas of Shrividya are to be located. As the mantra has three parts, three Bindus and three Nadas, it reminds of her planetary form. The stand is ttantra be identified with the orb of the fire, the pot with the solar orb and the water with the moon and these must as such be worshipped with the Kalas of the fire, the sun and the moon.

A devotee is enjoined to worship Shrividya both mentally as wtll as physically in case he happens to be rich enough. The abstract is of such interest to students and devotees Shri Vidya that it is well worth reproducing here.

The last denotes that kind of worship which is done avowedly to gain some object. Hence the first part of the mantra called Vagbhava, i. The tradition regarding the appearance of the Tantra is that the rival sage Vishvamitra, being envious of the prophetic powers of Vasishtha, performs a difficult penance. The mantra of Mala is ai. Rajarajeshvari is read as shrii. In the central pot should be placed the ring the three parts whereof should be worshipped as Moon.

The meaning of the mantra of Devi Tripurasundari is said to be sixfold, i. Bowing in which the earth is touched with chin, mouth, nose, jaws, eyes, ears, and cavity in head goes by the name of Ashtanga. The Kula worship is to be celebrated on the 8th and 14th day of each half of the month through a diagram drawn on an earthen pot with red lead. The gross form is visible in females and the subtle in the Kundalini.


Error (Forbidden)

In Mooladhar in the form of Jyoti, 2. She is intoxicated with honey and is smiling and she is being praised by Indra. Wind Vital breath causes sleep and waking.

Whence does the speech originate and wherein does it disappear? Top and mid-joints of the index fingers are to be avoided. The liquid to be poured is to be one of the following: The Shaivistic doctrine regarding the cosmic evolution and that of the Sanskrit alphabet is described in elucidation of the Anuttara much in the same way as Abhinava Gupta and Kshemaraja have done.

White in colour, red eyes, develops fear in the animals, performs Shubh of Sadhak, holds Khadag, Paanpatra, Shool and Khatwang and having fearful teeth. Mantra of the offering with the left hand fisted having the mid finger raised up is gaa.

She likes to eat moong.

In the innermost rectangle the Mudra Devis Sarvasanksobhini etc. When at the end it becomes thus prepared and ready for use, it should be scented again with sandal paste, Aguru and camphor.